The Sheep Called India

The blood of citizens may boil if I say that India is a sheep. They will leave no opportunity to call me names. But will they introspect after reading this? I have high doubts. Why I am saying so? Because I have seen striking similarities between the Hindus of India and a sheep. And these people are running the country.

Just have a look at some of the recent incidents:

  • Ban on sales of crackers in Delhi during Diwali.
  • Ban on Chatth Puja on some ghats in Bengal.
  • Cabinet Ministers saying that Yoga is not related to Hinduism.
  • Supreme Court terming sex between married couple below 18 yrs. of age as rape.
  • Festival of Karwa Chauth was ridiculed on social media.

Now what is the response of public? Barring a few, no response, as they are sheep. They follow the herd mentality, lack courage to stand up for their rights, reclaim their honor. Worse, they are supporting the hunting wolves as they only want survival, nothing else.

Facebook, Twitter, etc. are flooded with the intellectuals who are trying to show themselves ‘cool’ and making a fashion statement by laughing upon culture and traditions. Now anyone can be a Communist Poster boy by wearing a T-shirt of Che Guevara but socialism is difficult to understand for them. The latest 3 generations in India are just following the flow of personal and social erosion and hence the weakest of the lot. They don’t know about their history, religion, heritage, etc. as they are well fed by convent education and nurtured on Western propaganda. They lack the ability to think, judge, and make decisions. Add to that the influence of media, and we have self-loathing creatures who are not better than sheep.

They may show themselves superior by boycotting fireworks during Diwali and terming it as a fight against pollution but ask them how much damage to ecosystem happened due to killing of cattle during Bakrid, or use of diesel cars, air-conditioners, and how fireworks during Christmas and New Year will contribute to environmental protection and they will go silent. Chatth Puja whose very essence lies in purity of self and environment is now alleged to create pollution? How? If I ask about the level of particulate matters present in air and water, their causes and effects, all the intelligence of these keyboard warriors will fall flat.

If meditation and Yoga is not linked to Hinduism or Buddhism, show me where we can find their mention in Bible of Quran. We have no problem in the fact that many people are practicing them throughout the world, but the moment they start de-linking them from my religion and try to patent them to earn money and stop the Indians from claiming these heritage, we should have problem. Alas, the sheep are not bleating, they are happy that at least the wolves have not killed them. This is their idea of peace and hence a secular country.

The corrupt judges who lack any credibility as Secularism for them is bashing only Hinduism and have no other work to do despite thousands of pending cases, are happy to put their nose in marital laws of Hindus, sex below 18 yrs is rape for them but what about Muslims? Oh well, they are governed by Sharia law and Muslim Acts and they are free to reproduce, rape and marry even at the age of 9 yrs. Biology is different for them and what people fail to realize is that unofficially they have reached around 22-25% of the Indian population. If one-quarter is so predominant that it is prohibiting Hindus to make decision, consider what will happen once they cross 30%. Will your political correctness be enough to protect the family and society of sheep? Not at all… at that point of time you will find it too late to take any step.

Supporting Khans of Bollywood may make you ‘cool’, putting up DP and filters of PETA or WWF may give the extra ‘sheen’ but tell me, when was the last time these entities have done anything for OUR society? OUR nation, and OUR culture? When a converted Xtian and his Muslim wife make fun of Karwa-Chauth on Twitter, what you did? Raised slogans of ‘shun patriarchy’ along with Feminazis? Great !!

Now is the time to jump into active politics, fight for your rights, debate for your freedom, and protect your religion because no one has seen tomorrow. History is full of your back-stabbing, be it Maharana Pratap or Jai Chand or Shivaji Maharaj. What have you achieved till date?

And yes, be a Lion because Sheep never win battles.



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I read, I think and hence I write.

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