Is India moving in the wrong direction?

How do you judge the progress of a nation? By its economic development, social development, or something more?

You don’t need to be an analyst to understand what is happening in India nowadays, provided you keep your senses and mind open. Just a quick glance through the daily news, either traditional or online, and a little bit of pondering will make one realize that we, as a nation, are moving haywire.

Have a look on the topics that people were discussing last week (I am just mentioning the most talked about ones):

  • TV News Channels – Politics, Terrorism, Entertainment.
  • Newspapers – Politics, Religion, Corruption.
  • Social Media – Feminism, Cricket, Gossips.

Now, I am going to list down the incidents that grabbed limelight:

  1. Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad being put on no-fly list by major airline carriers for assaulting a senior Air India official.
  2. Babri Masjid demolition and Ram Mandir construction, SC asking for out of court settlement.
  3. Ban on illegal cow slaughter houses by U.P. Govt.
  4. Formation of ‘Anti-Romeo Squads’ by U.P. Police to prevent eve-teasing.
  5. Terrorist attack in London where several people died and many others injured.
  6. Killing of NRIs in US and other countries.
  7. Doctors’ strike in Maharashtra after attack on a resident doctor.
  8. An IPS officer being suspended in U.P. after his misplaced remark against the govt.
  9. Research seats in JNU being cut down.
  10. Loan waiver to farmers in U.P. and other drought affected states.
  11. After election analysis by media and political parties.

Apart from above ones, two issues made much hue-and-cry:

  1. Personal and political character assassination of U.P. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.
  2. Tunday Kabab (what’s that?)

The happenings that went unnoticed or failed to gather much attention:

  1. Corruption case against P. Chidambaram.
  2. Missionaries nuisance in Kerala and several other states.
  3. History books for secondary school students.
  4. Muslims creating big problem in West Bengal.
  5. Canada passing Anti-Islamophobic Bill.
  6. Financial Bill 2017 getting the nod of Lok Sabha.
  7. Entry of terrorists in India through Nepal and Bangladesh routes.
  8. India’s strained relationship with Pakistan in wake of Chinese intervention.
  9. U.S. foreign policy that’s going to affect India directly or indirectly.
  10. Refugee crisis in Europe and why India should be concerned about it.
  11. Water crisis in Tamilnadu and other southern states.

Now if you have a look at the above points, you will notice that the first eleven points were related to daily happenings, political/religious/social issues, or long-drawn conflicts. The next two were totally unwanted play of Indian Media, and the last eleven are the ones that needed more of our attention. But, deliberately or coincidentally, they were not discussed much. And herein lies the problem.

If we, as a country want to prosper, we need to set our goals and work in the direction of achieving them …. certainly not in the case of India. One will notice that whatever development is happening in this country, either people are not communicated about it (by govt. or media), or people are not interested in discussing about it. Be it an issue related to our economics, financial well-being, social problem, cultural degradation, administration, governance, personal lifestyle, etc., we don’t give the attention that it deserves. Quite in contrast, we are always ready to vent our anger on trivial issues or incidents that should have been avoided. Needless to say, Media and Opinion Leaders are equally culpable for diverting people’s attention from real topics. And then, there exists a large population that’s although well educated and influential, it prefers to remain apathetic to national concerns. This harms the nation in two ways: first, we fail to utilize their knowledge & skills, and second, wrong elements in the society seize the moment for fulfilling their personal agenda.

Moreover, after the formation of Modi Govt. at the center, there has been a rise in the number of Hindu fringe elements, and to deny their existence is just like denying the actuality of Islamic Terrorism. These fanatics are no doubt a result of frustration caused by continued minority appeasement and they want to regain their position in the society. But we need to curb their increasing menace if we desire of a peaceful society. Of course, the methodology needed to check them differs from that meant for combating Islamic Terrorism or Christian Missionaries, as they are not against the society or the nation, but their act of violence or authoritarian character is denting the image of India and Indians alike.

The end result: India is losing its focus, and the chance to have all-round development. Society is unable to decide which way to move and the citizens are either confused or misleading others. Believe me, we are never going to have the golden opportunity again…

P.S.  I could have written in detail about all the 24 points mentioned above but then people have short attention span and lack patience, so those interested can read about them from various sources, cross-checking the information.



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