Analysis of PM Modi’s speech on the occasion of 70th Indian Independence Day

Before beginning my analysis, let me …

  • Have the privilege of wishing you all on this auspicious occasion.
  • Make it clear that all views are personal.
  • Clarify that this article is not for the purpose of criticizing, defaming or demeaning anyone/anything.
  • Mention that I have incorporated his exact words in Hindi so as to highlight his opinion/vision clearly.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi today conveyed greetings to 125 crore countrymen from the ramparts of Red Fort. Addressing the nation, the PM paid rich tributes to those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. The PM also mentioned our long journey in history saying, “वेद से विवेकानंद तक, सुदर्शनधारी मोहन से लेकर चरखाधारी मोहन तक, महाभारत के भीम से लेकर भीमराव तक हमारी एक लंबी विरासत है |”

He spoke about his government’s motto of ‘Ek Bharat Srestha Bharat’ and moving from ‘Swarajya to Surajya’. He mentioned that the countrymen have the strength and are capable of overcoming several challenges. For that, we need ‘tyaag, balidan, purusharth, parakram, anushasan, and sankalp’.

Prime Minister Modi spoke of several steps the Government has been undertaking to enhance and transform lives of people. “Governments should be sensitive and responsive”, he added further. There should be the Saamarthya to solve Samasya.

At the start itself, he made it clear that he is more inclined to talk about the change in work culture that his government has bought rather than talking about the achievements. “Today, more than Karya, I want to talk about Karya Sanskriti of the Government”: PM. But as we saw later, he mentioned almost every area his government is working upon.

In a few sentences, he also compared his govt. from the previous ones. In his words, अब सरकार आक्षेपों से घिरी हुई नहीं है, अपेक्षाओं से घिरी हुई है |

For him,

  • Neeti nahi neeyat aur nirnay ki bhi zaroorat hai.
  • Disha nahi, samastha drishtikon chahiye.
  • Mati ke saath sahmati bhi honi chahiye.

He defined the meaning of Surajya as a qualitative and positive change in the lives of the citizen of India. And to achieve the goal, a joint effort of government and citizens is necessary. There should be a change in every common person. At the same time, govt. should be responsible and dedicated towards its citizens. There should be responsibility along with accountability.

सवा सौ करोड़ देशवासियों को सुराज्य के संकल्प को आगे बढ़ाने की अपनी प्रतिबद्धता के साथ आगे बढ़ना होगा: PM

Yes, we face several problems. But we are capable to overcome them: PM

भारत के पास लाखों समस्याएं हैं, तो सवा सौ करोड़ मस्तिष्क भी हैं, जो उनका समाधान करने की क्षमता रखती हैं: PM

शासन संवेदनशील होना चाहिए, शासन उत्तरदायी होना चाहिए: PM

Moving to the next part of his speech, he touched various aspects of good governance and highlighted the improvements brought by his government. Here I am mentioning 51 of them in bulleted form (chronological) with my own opinion in brackets:

  • Online registration for medical check-ups in big hospitals along with keeping a track record of the patients. It has already been implemented in 40 govt. hospitals.
  • Increase in railways ticket generation from 2000 per minute to 15000 per minute.
  • Online refund of income tax, reforms in taxation. (The Prime Minister remarked that his Government wanted to eliminate the fear of tax authorities from the minds of people and said, “We want to change the situation where people are scared of income tax authorities, particularly among middle class families.” That’s a welcome step in order to boost govt. income through taxes).
  • Easy availability of passports. (Now provided within 2 weeks as compared to 4-6 months earlier).
  • No interview process to be held for 9000 Class C & D job positions. (This will cut off the role of intermediaries and illegal practices).
  • Village road construction process has gained speed from 70-75 km/day to 100 km/day as people want plans to be implemented on ground.
  • More stress given to renewable energy sector and power generation. There has been 40% increase in wind energy harnessing, 116% increase in power generation through solar energy as compared to last year. The process of laying electricity transmission lines has sped up from 30-35 km/yr. to 50 km/yr.
  • PM also compared his own govt.’s performance with that of previous ones regarding rail-line commissioning. (1500 km. in previous 10 years, 3500 km. in last 2 years).
  • Linking of Aadhar Cards to govt. schemes (70 crores done till date).
  • LPG connections being provided to the needy families.
  • Judicial reforms are implemented and defunct laws are removed gradually.
  • Financial inclusion of people through PMJJBY, 21 crore people enrolled till date in Jan-Dhan Yojana.
  • Construction of public toilets so as to prevent open defecation. (This is going to change living standard in 70,000+ villages).
  • The govt. had promised for electrification of 18,000 villages within 1000 days, out of which 10,000 villages have already got the benefit within a year.
  • He spoke about initiatives being undertaken to improve the agriculture sector and farmers’ welfare. “e-NAM will benefit our farmers”, he added. He added that how the Centre has been distributing free of cost LPG connections to poor households in mission mode.
  • PM also emphasized on infrastructure development and LED bulb schemes. Because of government’s effort, a Rs.350 LED bulb is now being distributed at minimal cost price of Rs.50 (This will save energy, prevent environmental pollution and reduce govt. expenditure in power sector).
  • Moving forward to the case of petroleum products, PM highlighted the renegotiation of Qatar deal that has saved almost Rs.20,000 crores.
  • A small mention was also made about the ongoing port projects, e.g. Sagarmala.
  • Talking about inflation, which I am sure is a cause of worry to many, the PM told that his govt. is working hard to control the inflation despite two years of feminine and hence an upsurge in vegetable prices. As compared to double digit inflation during previous govt., it’s now around 6 per cent. With the help of RBI, the central govt. is keen to curb it at 4 percent.
  • The Prime Minister discussed at large about the role of farmers and the initiatives of the govt. related to them. He recalled the words of Sikh Guru Govind Singh ji “how can we assert those hands as pure that have not done any labor yet.”
  • Talking about the integrated approach being taken for farmers’ welfare, he talked about the role of soil-health cards, water management and micro irrigation. He showered praise for farmers whose efforts have led to 1.5 times increase in production of pulses.
  • As per the plan, 90+ projects of irrigation are gradually being implemented. Solar pumps have been distributed to 77,000 districts which lowers the input cost of crop production as no electricity is required. Also, 131 new HYV of seeds have been developed by scientists so as to increase the per hectare yield. There is no dearth of fertilizers and storage capacities have been developed for 15 lakh ton of production. Fasal Beema Yojana provides for insurance facility and 100 percent FDI in food processing sector is in act.
  • Prime Minister Modi mentioned that country’s image was important than government’s image. He said that last-mile delivery was at the core of functioning of his Government.
    1. मैंने लोकलुभावन फैसलों से दूर रहने का प्रयास किया है। हमने सरकार की पहचान से ज्यादा हिंदुस्तान की पहचान पर बल दिया: PM
    2. जब नीति साफ हो, नीयत स्पष्ट हो, तब निर्णय करने का जज्बा भी कुछ और होता है। हमारी सरकार लास्टमैन डिलीवरी पर बल दे रही है: PM
    3. Reform, Perform and Transform is the way forward. This will help the future generations and improve India’s global identity.
  • The PM spoke about the all-encompassing approach of his govt., from bio-toilets in railways to bullet trains, satellites and space technologies. He stressed up on integrated development rather than isolated one, empowerment instead of entitlement, and how Stand Up & Start Up India Campaigns are crucial.
  • For the welfare of the nation, continuing with good projects of the previous governments is necessary. Approximately 270 projects worth Rs.7.5 lakh crores are stuck to see the daylight and the present govt. is trying to implement them at the earliest. For example, rail bridge construction projects are being cleared within 3-4 months.
  • Talking about the sugarcane farmers in UP, the PM informed that of the thousands of crores of unpaid amount, 99.5 percent has already been paid and 95 percent farmers have benefited from it.
  • Revival of Post Offices is also on the list, making them the Payment Banks for FI.
  • PSUs like Air India, BSNL, Shipping Corporation of India, etc. have got operational profit for the first time. Adequate coal linkage has been provided to the power plants.
  • To fight against corruption, Aadhar linking to Govt. Schemes is vital as it is helping in removal of the intermediaries and proper listing of the needy people. Transparency has been ensured in coal block allocation, online auction of telecommunication spectrum.
  • In global economy, all are interconnected. India is also changing itself to match the global parameters. GDP is soaring high, ease of doing business has increased drastically and our nation is turning out to be the favorite destination for FDI. हम अपने देश में कितनी ही प्रगति करें, लेकिन हमें इसके साथ-साथ हमें अपने देश को वैश्विक मानकों पर खरा उतारना पड़ेगा: PM
  • The PM talked about how India has moved 19 ranks upward in the list published by World Economic Forum in ‘logistical support and infrastructure Index.’ According to a UN report related to world economy, India will move from 10th to 3rd position in the next two years.
  • The role of Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana, Mission Indradhanush and Beti Bachao Beti Padhao initiative were also highlighted. Maternity leave for working women in private sector has been increased from 12 weeks to 6 months.
  • Mudra Yojana has directly benefited 3.5 crore people out of which 80 percent are women, and SC/ST/OBCs also comprise the 80 percent of that 3.5 crore people.
  • Weavers have also been taken care of and their daily wage has been increased from Rs.100 to Rs.190. For every meter of the fabric woven, Rs.50 gets directly credited to their bank accounts.
  • Farmers can now sell their products online in any of the Mandis of the country.
  • The PM also thanked other parties in the Parliament over consensus on passage of GST Bill. He added that GST Bill would strengthen the country’s economy.
  • In the power sector, the PM echoed his vision of ‘one nation, one grid, one price’ so as to ensure equality in electricity supply to the masses.
  • A large amount of money was laying unclaimed in EPF and hence Universal Account Number creation will help in transferring the money whenever an employee moves to another job.
  • Modi said that only a strong economy would not strengthen India, a stronger society was also requisite to make the country great. “Unity in diversity was India’s strength. Violence and discrimination has no place in our society”, he added.

सशक्त हिंदुस्तान, सशक्त समाज के बिना नहीं बन सकता और सशक्त समाज का निर्माण होता है, सामाजिक न्याय के आधार पर: PM

  • The PM stressed up on social parity, respect for all, the need to rise above social evils, upholding social justice, and tackling the wrong practices forcefully. In the same context, he reminded people that our nation is celebrating 1000th birth anniversary of Ramanujacharya, 350th birth anniversary of Guru Govind Singh ji, 150th anniversary of Shrimad Rajchandraji’ & 100th anniversary of Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay.All these great souls talked about social equality in their lifetime. A change is required in every citizen. “Sashakt Samaaj se Sashakt Hindustan banane ke liye Saamajik Nyaya zaroori hai”, he said.
  • 65 percent of our population is below the age of 35 years. We need to provide them with education, skills and opportunities. Development in national infrastructure will provide them ample jobs. The PM gave examples of building 2 crore toilets, arrangement for providing security to women working in night shifts, and Model Shop & Establishment Act.

काम का दायरा जितना बढ़ेगा, रोजगार की संभावना उतनी बढ़ेंगी। हम इसी दिशा में आगे बढ़ रहे हैं: PM

  • In the words of PM Modi, “Humey samasyaon ko taalna nahi, unse takrana hai”.
  • Talking about the Indian Armed forces, he said, around 33,000 army men have lost their lives since Independence and for their care, One Rank One Pension has already been implemented. At the same time, the PM also spoke about declassification of Netaji’s files with the help of various countries.
  • Hon’ble PM was also happy to declare that the border issue with Bangladesh has finally been resolved.
  • For the middle class people housing remains a big problem. Real Estate Act is meant to help them by destroying the builders’ nexus and removing malpractices.
  • The PM then addressed the issue of foreign policy. He mentioned that Maoism, terrorism and violence have no place in India and those involved shall return to the mainstream.
  • Mr. Modi recalled his swearing-in ceremony when he had invited the SAARC nations. Without taking the name of Pakistan and China, he said, “We shall fight against poverty, not among ourselves”.
  • He gave the example of Peshawar school attack where many innocent kids lost their lives. He warned against the glorification of terrorism.

जब पेशावर में आतंकवादियों ने निर्दोष बालकों को मौत के घाट उतार दिया गया, तो भारत की आंखों में आंसू थे | दूसरी ओर आतंकवाद को ग्लोरीफाई करने का काम होता है | : PM

  • In an unexpected but bold move, the PM acknowledged the good wishes he is receiving from Balochistan, Gilgit and Pak occupied Kashmir. (This is part of a govt. strategy to force Pakistan to leave aside the Kashmir issue and make it aloof from its own revolting territories. Also, the PM sent an indirect strong message that Kashmir is an integral part of India, whether it is PoK or China occupied).
  • The PM announced a 20 percent hike in the pension of freedom fighters from 25,000 per month to 30,000 per month. Building of museums in various states to highlight the role of adivasi freedom fighters is also on the cards.

सरकार स्वतंत्रता संग्राम में आदिवासियों के योगदान को बताने के लिए देश भर में म्यूजियम बनाएगी |

  • The Indian government is also going to provide for the health care of farmers below poverty line. Through Aarogya Sewa, the govt. will take care of medical expenses up to Rs.1 lakh per year.

At last, Hon’ble PM iterated, “Desh ke liye marne ka mauka nahi mila, desh ke liye jeene ka mauka zaroor mila hai”. He saluted all and as expected, met with the school children present there to wish them personally. (This may look like cheap publicity exercise to many but it aims at instilling the sense of patriotism among the innocent kids).

As I can infer from the speech of our PM, the govt. is working for the growth and development of India, taking a holistic approach and implementing them at the earliest. During his 1st speech, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan was talked about, during the 2nd speech Jan Dhan Yojana was envisioned and now it is the holistic approach of development. While many critics will point towards his silence upon issue of Dalit movements, atrocities on minorities, riots in various parts of the countries, in my opinion, Mr. Modi has wisely answered them all by saying “We must prefer non-violence over violence and every citizen is responsible for bringing about the change”. Most of the points raised in media are actually non-issues that are flamed for nefarious reasons and our PM has carefully chosen to neglect them. It is our responsibility to help the govt. by being a good citizen, understanding our roles and responsibilities, performing our duties and uplifting our society.

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So, let’s celebrate this SANKALP PARV with full gaiety. Jai Hind! Vande Maatram!!






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